Welcome to Anh's Portfolio 6.90 RC (Yeetus Magus)

* Documentation: https://github.com/aaanh/homepage.git

* Status: Building cool stuff 🛠

* Alma mater: Concordia University, Montreal, QC. Canada

* Specializations: Software Development, DevOps/SRE, Systems Administration in Windows and Linux.

Domains: hoanganh.dev; aaanh.{app, ca, com}

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Software Developer
Internship, Full-time
January, 2023 May, 2023
Core Technology R&D, Fabric Team
  • Backend API and Microservices development
  • CI/CD with Docker, kubernetes, and helm on Gitlab and Azure DevOps
  • Cloud infrastructure management
Skills: k8sDockerLinuxGitAzure DevOpsIAMGitOpshelm
Software Developer
Internship, Full-time
May, 2022 August, 2022
Software Configuration Management & Tools Team
  • The work revolves around the Azure DevOps platform, managing code repositories, building & deploying pipelines, API tooling, dev tooling, automation, and containers (Docker) orchestration.
  • Learned and improved personal DevOps skills, software development practices, and problem analysis skills.
Skills: CI/CDDevOpsContainer OrchestrationIAMGitOpsC#BashLinuxShell ScriptingPowershell
Undergraduate Research Assistant
January, 2020 Present
  • My research activities focus on machine learning platforms, processes, and services.
  • Current project goal is to evaluate and benchmark these systems to formulate metrics on the operational costs and overhead when performing ML engineering tasks. My research complements my professional development in DevOps and systems design/architecture.
  • I also (WIP) am developing the group's public-facing website.
Skills: MLOpsDevOpsWeb DevelopmentPythonIaaSGitOpsNext.jsTailwind CSSReactLinuxCloud ComputingTensorFlowPowershell
IT Technician L2
Part-time, Permanent
March, 2020 Present
  • Troubleshoot end-user environment in Windows, Linux, and macOS desktop and remote server sessions on Linux shells and Windows RDS.
  • Deal with complicated issues involving hardware, software, and network infrastructure.
  • Investigate operational incidents and either resolve or triage to senior teams.
  • I migrate and maintain the team's knowledge base with scheduled backups. I also contribute to the university's high performance computing (the Speed HPC) group's repository.
Skills: Asset ManagementIncident InvestigationIAMBashLinuxSystem AdministrationTechnical SupportOSPowershell
IT Specialist
August, 2021 December, 2021
Skills: Active DirectoryJiraAutomationIAMTechnical SupportOSPowershell
January, 2017 May, 2017
  • Tutored Macroeconomics.
  • My pedagogy approach was to have the students try problems first, then pointed out the errors, and guided their path to the final solution.
  • I facilitated multiple students achieve at least 70% on their midterms and finals. Among those, 2 went from below passing to passing the course.


GPT Test Bench @AAANH Labs

I play around with GPT models.

Stack: Nextjs, Tailwindcss, DaisyUI, FluentUI, API, middleware, Vercel Edge, Infrastructures, Networking

Photo Reel

My personal photo reel

Stack: Nextjs, Tailwindcss, Cloudinary DAM + API, Cloudflare CDN


Concordia University's HPC cluster.Develop Latex to HTML build pipeline for the documentation.Create battery-included devcontainer environment for authoring LaTeX.Create GitHub Actions pipeline for deploying the HTML docs.

Stack: LaTeX, Docker, Github Actions, devcontainer, Makefile

Technology Blog

All things DevOps, ML, IT, Cloud, and consumer technology.

Stack: Nextjs, Tailwindcss.

Augmented Gist

Get the RAW content of a GitHub Gist using Cloudflare Workers.

Stack: Cloudflare Workers + Pages, GitHub API, Tailwindcss.

Will I Pass

I procrastinate productively

Stack: Nextjs, Tailwindcss. Hosted on Netlify PaaS

Script Convenience Store

Scripts that you used before but don't remember how to use. Full migration in progress.

Stack: Rust::mdbook, CI with GitHub Actions, CD with Vercel.

Dockerized Minecraft Server

Just a cross-platform simple Docker container that runs a Minecraft server.

Stack: Docker, java, bash/powershell

Data Traversal OOP

Final project in Object-Oriented Programming

Stack: C++, python, pandas

Inertial Sensing Lab

Website with multimedia CMS, 3rd-party SSO, and SEO optimized for a Physics research group.

Stack: Wikijs, custom vanilla js, css, postgreSQL, hosted on Heroku

Mai Boat Service

Website for Mai Boat Service - a seacraft repair service in Orlando, Florida.

Stack: Nextjs, Tailwind

Maze-Navigating Vehicle

Final Project in Applied Physics. 3D-printed vehicle navigates by ultrasonic sensors controlled by an Arduino Uno.

Stack: C++, arduino

MRCA Simulation

Final Project in Statistics and Probability. Statistical analysis and probabilistic simulation of Most Recent Common Ancestor.

Stack: R, matplotlib